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Tools for Service Providers

Management Tools

The following management tools are available for download and printing by Transition Assistance Program service providers to help conduct and promote their programs. Upgrades for Acrobat Reader software are available at no charge at

DoD Tools

Making the Connection This DoD booklet was created for transitioning members of the National Guard and Reserve and addresses a number of topics including employment opportunities, healthcare and life insurance benefits and options, educational opportunities and benefits, and support for injured service members.

Transition Assistance Guide for Demobilizing Members of the Guard and Reserves This guide provides information about the various programs and services available to members of the Guard and Reserves and their families.

DoD TAP is DoD's official transition website. DoD TAP is an easy to use, interactive web portal that provides life-long support to separating service members (active duty, Guard, and Reserve) and their families. It is a single source starting point for accessing key resources available for service members transitioning out of the military at any point in their military career.


The Latest - Developing Skills You Can Use Outside the Military It’s never too early to think about the future. Make yourself more marketable when you transition to civilian life. Check out these 15 tips to help you prepare for your successful transition.

Service member using computer A wealth of information and resources are available to help you transition to civilian life. Check out the websites, articles and organizations that can assist you in your successful transition.




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