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A great deal of research related to education opportunities for service members and their families has been conducted over the years in response to Service, DoD, or national concerns and questions. Provided below are links to some relevant research.

United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report to the Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity, Committe on Veteran's Affairs, House of Representatives. "Veterans Affairs: Improved Planning Needed to Guide Development and Implementation of Education Benefits System," July 2007.

United States GAO Report to Ranking Minority Member, committee on Veterans' Affairs, US Senate. "VA Student Financial Aid: Management Actions Needed to Reduce Overlap in Approving Education and Training Programs and to Assess State Approving Agencies," March 2007

United States GAO Report to Congressional Committees. "Troops-to-Teachers: Program Brings More Men and Minorities to the Teaching Workforce, but Education Could Improve Management to Enhance Results," March 2006.

Harrell, Margaret C., Nelson Lim, Laura W. Castaneda, and Daniela Golinelli. " Working around the Military: Challenges to Military Spouse Employment and Education," Santa Monica: RAND Corporation, 2004.

United States GAO Report to Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Veterans' Affairs, US Senate. "Veterans' Education Benefits: Comparison of Federal Assistance Awarded to Veteran and Nonveteran," February 2002

Buddin, Richard, Kapur, Kanika. "Tuition Assistance Usage and First-Term Military Retention," Santa Monica: RAND Corporation, 2002.


Person wearing cap and gown standing in front of building The Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Consortium was created in 1972 to provide education opportunities to service members who, because they frequently moved from place to place, had trouble completing college degrees. Recognizing these challenges faced by military students, SOC Consortium member schools make it easier to obtain college degrees, rather than just accumulate course credit.

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) The Voluntary Education Program offers eligible service members opportunities to further their education through a variety of programs and services provided by the individual branches of Service. These resources assist service members in planning, completing, and paying for their education from basic academic competencies up to masters degrees.






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