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Education Transcripts - Evaluation of Military Experience and Training

The American Council on Education provides a collaborative link between the Department of Defense and institutes of higher learning through the review of military training and experiences and providing equivalent college credit recommendations for members of the armed forces. Registrars, admissions officers, academic advisors, career counselors and DoD voluntary education professionals have a basis for recognizing military education experiences in terms of civilian academic credit.

The Military Evaluations Program provides for the evaluation of service school courses; selected, enlisted, warrant officer and limited duty officer occupations; Navy enlisted classifications; and Coast Guard courses. Because of these assessments, thousands of service members have the opportunity to request equivalent college credit for their military training and occupations toward a college degree programs.

The ACE is also responsible for actively assisting colleges, universities and other appropriate agencies in understanding and using the credit recommendations and evaluations. College registrars, admissions officers, military education personnel, veterans and other academic personnel may contact the ACE advisory service for assistance.





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