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Service members walking
A military doctor studies a patient’s computed tomography scan.
Soldiers sit waiting in a field
A veteran greets a service member.
Service member about to run.
Service member holding folded up flag during retirement ceremony.
Service member smiling.
Service members attend an event to learn about benefits and options available to them upon retirement from the military
Military veterans look at a table filled with informational handouts about the Veterans Affairs available benefits.
Man fills out paperwork
Hiring Our Hero poster.
Service member gets career advice.
Woman completes paperwork.
Cpl. Travis Langan, role player, Tactical Training Exercise Control Group, fills out résumé information during the ‘Hiring our Heroes’ employment and education workshop.
U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers, attending the Operation Sustainment Warrior 2014 event on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, gather at the UPS table alongside members of the New Jersey American Legion during the
Hull Technician 1st Class Donald Edwards, of Chesapeake, Va., shows how to weld gas tungsten arc to Fireman Ian Nickerson, of Butler, Ind.
National Guardsman salutes the flag.
Service member with back pack.
Close up of a for sale sign in front of a home.
Service member hugs his family
Service member taking notes
Military pay technician examines a financial document.
Man filling out absentee ballot
A grocery store employee speaks with a group of new service members in the meat department.
Woman writes on budget sheet
Veteran flips sign on store window
Returning From Deployment
A U.S. Army Reserve military police soldier holds hands with her niece.
Service member filling out paperwork
Woman in an electric wheelchair poses in her family room next to the stairs.
Veteran receives services
U.S. Army Soldiers conduct their two-mile run during the Army Physical Fitness Test
Service member with ballistic glasses looks into the distance
Service member driving an all terrain vehicle.
Girl put on naval officers hat
National Guardsman salutes the flag.
Woman plays with young child in a pool
Service member prepares for deployment.
Real estate company hosts open house on their model homes.
Drill Instructor shouts at recruits
Close up of female accountant or banker
Air Force crew chief standing in front of a plane.
Four new service members do push-ups in front of a line of their peers.
Service member running with son.
Army Soldiers from the One Station Unit Training (OSUT) low crawl while negotiating an obstacle course during their first week of Basic Training in Fort Benning, Georgia.
Basic training obstacle course.
Man in a military uniform shows a stack of twenty dollar bills.
Service member and man talk at
Deployment Reunion
Airmen prepare for deployment.
A service member smiles and holds up a pink piggy bank
Young children and their caregivers make arts and crafts together
Service member sits at her desk
American Red Cross branded First-Aid materials are spread across a table.
Basic trainees align in formation.
Navy Basic Crewman Training candidate takes a breath during a conditioning swim
A veteran writes down notes on military tuition assistance.
The Ride to Recovery partners with the armed services and the VA to benefit mental and physical rehabilitation programs for our country's wounded veterans.
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