Deployment Survival - Murphy's Law has a deployment-related brother, and he's even tougher than his everyday counterpart. In our. …

Deployment – Resources

The military has your back during all phases of deployment – from pre-deployment through reintegration. Use these programs and resources to make your deployment go smoother. Pre-deployment resources Plan My. …

Deployment Survival

Murphy’s Law has a deployment-related brother, and he’s even tougher than his everyday counterpart. In our Deployment Survival webinar, you’ll learn how to prepare for deployment, ways to manage separation and planning. …

Stages of Deployment

Although every deployment is as unique as the individual experiencing it, there are experiences and feelings that service members and their loved ones share. Join us to discuss the stages of deployment and homecoming, and to learn communication. …


Members of the military get rocking benefits. These range from educational benefits and cash bonuses, to tax-free housing, food allowances and pensions. Military benefits and entitlements extend to service members and their families during all. …

Moving and Deployment – The Essentials

Before you take off for your parent’s house or go anywhere when your spouse is deployed, consider the wide range of benefits and resources available to you if you remain on the installation, such as the commissary, exchange, community support. Staying put also ensures that your children maintain their routines during this time of transition and don’t experience further disruption to school and other activities.


Preparing for Deployment – The Essentials

Life in the military is about being ready for deployment. You may be duty-ready, but don’t overlook preparations on the home front. That includes having or updating essential legal documents, organizing your finances, creating a family care plan and designing a contingency plan in case things change. Get organized and prepared for your sake and your family’s.


During Deployment – The Essentials

Every deployment is different and may require new skills and coping strategies. Learn how to recognize and manage stress, stay connected to loved ones, manage your finances and vote when you are deployed. Manage your stress Some. …

Military Deployment Support

You may face challenges at some point before, during or after the deployment. Military OneSource is here to provide information and resources to help navigate through all phases of the deployment—from pre-deployment to homecoming.


Deployment Resources for Families

While military families know how to stand strong, the stresses of deployment can bring extra challenges. At Military OneSource, we're here to help — by connecting you to a wide array of programs and services designed for military families.


Children and Separation Issues of Deployment

This webinar will explore various aspects of how children are impacted by deployment. It will review the emotional cycle of deployment and common ways children tend to react to stress and separation. This webinar will also describe ways children. …

Parenting Through Deployment – The Essentials

Your head’s wrapped around the whole deployment thing. You know what you need to do, you’ve planned your deployment, and you’re ready — or at least you’re getting there. But deployment preparation has an extra, important step when you’re a parent — preparing your children for each phase of the deployment cycle (before deployment, deployment and after deployment).


Managing Deployments and Separations – The Essentials

Deployment and separations can be tough on relationships – there’s no way around that. But you and your partner can take steps to prevent or minimize the strain and grow together through these times apart.


Preparing for Your Parents’ Deployment

This webinar assists parents and caregivers with preparing children for deployment. It addresses what children can expect during deployment, the positive aspects of deployment, possible stress associated with deployment, the effects of that. …

Stress Management During Deployment

In the military, stress happens. But too much stress can have negative effects on performance, safety and well-being. During deployment, it is especially important to know the signs of stress and to be ready with good stress management techniques.


Deployment Basics By Service Branch

The deployment cycle is the period of time from the notification of a deployment, through pre-deployment training, through the deployment, and immediately after deployment. Every deployment cycle is different, but here are some general things to know.


Managing Deployment Pay Podcast – For Families

During a deployment, setting and sticking to a budget plan can significantly reduce stress. Remember that any deployment-based special pays or allowances will end when your service member returns home. By creating a budget plan and carefully. …