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Army BOSS Program

Benefit overview

The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program aims to enhance the quality of life for single and unaccompanied soldiers by providing them with a support network and a range of opportunities for personal and professional development. BOSS organizes social, recreational and community service activities focused on upholding morale and developing life skills. The program also serves as the unified voice of single soldiers within the chain of command, providing valuable insights into the morale of single soldiers regarding their quality of life concerns.

How this benefit helps

Participants enhance their quality of life, contribute to their community through community service activities, and assist in the planning and execution of their own recreation and leisure events. The program has three core components aimed at maintaining a balanced life:

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Leisure and recreation

BOSS plans fun activities that may involve developing specific skills, from cultural knowledge to physical activities such as fishing, skiing, surfing, paintball, rafting and much more.

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Community service

BOSS makes a difference by volunteering in community projects and events. These opportunities can be personally rewarding and help give soldiers a sense of identity within their community.

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Quality of life

BOSS provides a platform where quality of life issues can be raised and the BOSS council will direct those concerns to the appropriate command or staff agency on the installation.

How to access this benefit

BOSS provides support for single soldiers, married individuals on unaccompanied orders, and single parents. The program is open to all ranks, both officer and enlisted.

There are 74 BOSS communities Army-wide. Visit the Army BOSS Program webpage for more information about the program and how you can become a participant.

Learn More

Or visit the official website of your military installation or base to find information about the BOSS program. Look for contact details and the location of the BOSS office on your installation.

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