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Benefit overview

Military Saves is dedicated to helping service members and their families save money, reduce debt and build wealth. It is coordinated by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America.

How Military Saves helps

Military Saves works with the Defense Department’s Office of Financial Readiness and other government agencies, defense credit unions, military banks and nonprofits to promote savings and debt reduction. It helps service members and their families in the following ways:

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Provides support for financial goals.

Military Saves provides tips and resources for setting and reaching a variety of financial goals, such as paying down debt and saving for retirement, large purchases, education and more.

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Sends savings tips by text.

Sign up to receive text messages from Military Saves with tips to help you stay on track with your savings goals.

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Offers the Military Saves Pledge.

Service members and their families who take the Military Saves Pledge and create a savings plan will receive text messages or emails with tips to help reach their goals.

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