From big universities to community colleges, service members have plenty of options for pursuing their higher education degree. Military OneSource offers several tools to find the right institution for your education goals, resources to balance the cost and logistics of going to school, and the steps to successfully earn a degree. Don’t miss valuable information on federal tuition assistance programs and other benefits.


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Increase Your Skills and Education From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn something new during extra time you have at home because of coronavirus disease 2019. Take advantage of free educational resources for service members and their families.

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Postsecondary Education Complaint System

If you or your family member receives tuition assistance or is a Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Scholarship recipient, you are encouraged to submit feedback here.

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What Service Members Should Know When Choosing a College
Thinking about college? You already have the discipline it takes to pursue higher education. From big universities to small colleges, you have plenty of options and each has something unique to offer. Here’s how to compare your college options and find the right institution for your education goals.
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TA DECIDE — Make Informed Decisions About Your Education

The first step in your education plan is choosing the right school. The Department of Defense has developed the TA DECIDE tool to make it easier than ever to compare schools and programs to help you meet your education goals.

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College Navigator — Find the School That’s Right for You

Take control over the next step in your education by finding the right postsecondary school for you. The College Navigator, a free online tool from the National Center for Education Statistics, can help you with your search.


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Find programs and services at your local installation.