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Military Spouse Preference for Department of Defense Employment

As part of its commitment to help military spouses build their careers and find meaningful employment, the Department of Defense offers a hiring preference to military spouses when they apply for Department of Defense jobs through USAJobs.

The Department of Defense Priority Placement Program, or PPP, has improved the process for military spouses to use their military spouse hiring preference, making your life easier and giving you more control over your job search. Now you can:

Interested in a federal job? SECO can help.

The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program offers military spouses free career coaching that can help you navigate the federal hiring process.

  • Apply for positions directly through USAJobs, not through individual agency or installation HR departments.
  • Find Department of Defense positions alongside those from other federal agencies on USAJobs.
  • Apply for as many positions as you want; no more limitations to the number of applications, job categories.
  • You can use military spouse preference for one offer of permanent federal employment (including NAF and AAFES) per duty location.

These improvements to the hiring process give military spouses more control over their job search and freedom to make the right decisions for their careers and families. Check out our answers to some of your frequently asked questions about military spouse preference for federal employment.

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Use free military support services to find your next position

Most installations have a civilian personnel office or human resources office that can give you more information about military spouse preference. They can also:

  • Refer you to local job opportunities on the installation, with other federal agencies and in the local community;
  • Tell you what paperwork is required for certain positions; and
  • Help you create a resume and other job application materials.

Visit MilitaryINSTALLATIONS to find your installation's civilian personnel office or human resources office. You can also take advantage of the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program’s free career coaching services by calling Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 or the Military Spouse Employment Partnership to look for a job in the private sector with employers seeking military spouse employees.