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How COVID-19 Changes Affect Training, Duty, Pay and Benefits for the National Guard and Reserve

Current as of June 30, 2020

As changes due to coronavirus disease 2019 continue, reservists and members of the National Guard may wonder about impacts.

The following questions and answers address ways that sheltering-in-place orders, self-monitoring and other changes may affect your training, duty, pay and benefits.

What steps is the Department of Defense taking to keep military members healthy? add
How will COVID-19 affect annual training and inactive duty training? add
How does COVID-19 affect training requirements through Electronic-Based Distributed Learning? add
I’m currently on active duty. How does COVID-19 affect me? add
I’m due to be released from active duty soon. Will that change?add
What protective measures are in place for deployment and redeployment? add
Will COVID-19 affect special and incentive pays? add
I have Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance coverage but am unable to drill because of the pandemic. Will I lose my coverage? add
Am I able to change my SGLI coverage? add
I’m preparing to separate from service and apply for Veterans’ Group Life Insurance. But the pandemic has made it difficult for me to see a doctor for a health review. Will there be an application extension?add

Stay up to date on all the latest information on COVID-19. For Department of Defense updates for the military community regarding the virus that causes COVID-19, view the following sites: