Coronavirus Disease 2019 Questions and Answers

Current as of May 28, 2020

Below are some of the questions you might have about the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

How do I know if I may have the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019? add
What is the best way to avoid spreading germs during COVID-19? add
How can I make a mask to help protect me against the spread of COVID-19 germs? add
What if I or someone I know needs non-medical counseling? add
What if I am feeling threatened by a spouse or partner? add
Where can I turn for assistance in the event of a financial hardship caused by COVID-19? add
How can I talk to my children about COVID-19? add
How can I receive my medications without going to the drug store? add
Where can I find learning resources for my kids while they are home from school? add
What are the current travel restrictions and who is affected? add
Are there exceptions to the travel restrictions? add
How can I protect myself against COVID-19 scams? add
How do COVID-19 changes affect the training, pay and benefits of Reserve Component and National Guard members?add
Where can I find financial counseling services?add
Where can I get information about COVID-19 testing?add
What are some ways to keep public areas clean as people start doing more things outside the home?add
Are there apps available to help my mental health?add
What if I or one of my family members becomes sick and I am out of sick leave?add
What are some tips for working from home during the outbreak?add
Where can I find information on ID cards and benefits?add
What are some ways to help my family deal with spending more time at home?add
What are some simple steps to self-care?add
How can I avoid letting a gloom and doom outlook creep into my thinking?add
What are some ways to help family members deal with having to spend so much more time at home during the pandemic?add
Are any changes in place for military moves in the COVID-19 environment?add

COVID-19 closing:

Stay up to date on all the latest information on COVID-19. For updates for the military community regarding the virus that causes COVID-19, view the following sites: