Military wearing protective masks

How is the Military Protecting My Service Member During COVID-19?

Current as of May 15, 2020

The Department of Defense has always been committed to the health and safety of military members and their families. This time of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic is no different. The DOD continues to work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government agencies to respond to the outbreak and prevent its spread. The DOD offers free resources through Military OneSource. Each program helps with different military-life challenges or seasons.

Protecting against COVID-19

Your local government set guidelines to keep the community healthy. The DOD took the following steps to help keep military members healthy:

  • Authorized telework when duties allow
  • Instituted daily health screening for jobs where remote work isn’t possible 
  • Extended travel restrictions until June 30 for all military travel
  • Required face masks on base when 6-feet social distancing isn’t possible
  • Began tiered COVID-19 testing of military personnel

Bases are taking additional health and safety precautions. You may read about them on the base’s official website. You can find your service member’s base on MilitaryINSTALLATIONS

Protecting your service member’s pay and benefits

COVID-19 has changed daily routines for many people around the world. This includes many service members with affected duties and training. The DOD understands that can heighten anxiety during this stressful time. So it has taken action to protect pay and benefits. Learn more at Service Members’ Pay, Benefits, Training and Duty During COVID-19.

Financial assistance and counseling

Job layoffs and closures have strained finances for many. Resources are available to help service members, including:

Military OneSource is here 24/7 to keep you informed of COVID-19 changes. Visit Coronavirus Updates for Our Military Community page.

For DOD updates for the military community on COVID-19, view these sites: