Managing Deployments and Separations

Deployment and separations can be tough on relationships – there’s no way around that. But you and your partner can take steps to prevent or minimize the strain and grow together through these times apart.


disconnected couple on couch
What To Do When You Feel Disconnected From Your Partner

One of the rewards of being in a healthy relationship is the emotional fulfillment it brings. Sharing a deep connection with someone can make the hard times easier and the good times even better. But it’s not unusual to sometimes feel disconnected from your partner. Work or parenting stress, along with the challenges of military life, can cause couples to drift apart.

Marine couple smiles at one another.
Maintaining Strong Relationships: Virtual Resources Available to Military Couples

These virtual resources offer relationship support for service members and their partners or spouses during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

Service member and girlfriend get photo taken before deployment
Tips for Communicating in a Long-Distance Relationship

Geographic separations can be hard on military couples. But with planning and commitment, it is possible to stay in close touch while apart.

Mother and her children reading a book in the living room.
10 Tips for Parenting While Your Spouse Is Deployed

When your partner is deployed, it can feel like you are a single parent.

Service member embraces with his wife and child.
10 Tips for Keeping a Relationship Strong During Deployment and Separation

Whether this is the first time or the 20th time that your spouse has been called to active duty, relationships change when a spouse serves away from home.


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