Prevent Domestic Violence: Strengthen Your Community

No relationship is perfect. All partnerships or marriages lie somewhere on the scale of healthy and unhealthy relationships. However, it’s important to identify patterns of unhealthy and controlling behavior in our own relationships and to speak up if we see friends or family members struggling in theirs.

As a community, we have a responsibility to keep each other safe, which means strengthening our own relationships and families and reaching out to others who might be in abusive situations.

Everyone deserves to be healthy and safe in their relationships. Each of us can help prevent abuse and strengthen our community by following three steps:

Step 1: Live by core valuesadd
Step 2: Strengthen family bondsadd
Step 3: Know how to helpadd


Take action to stop domestic violence in your community. Live by core values, strengthen your family and use these resources to help prevent abuse.

Learn More About Abuse

Friends have each other’s back. If you suspect or know a friend or acquaintance is in an abusive relationship, learn more about how you can help that person.