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Making the Most of EFMP Family Support Services with the EFMP Family Needs Assessment

The Family Needs Assessment is a way for any military family who has a member with special needs to create an action plan for support. If you’ve reached out to EFMP Family Support through your local installation, you may well know their role in providing information and referrals to all kinds of care and support services. However, you may not yet have taken advantage of the planning assistance that comes with a Family Needs Assessment, available upon request through EFMP Family Support at your local installation.

The Family Needs Assessment provides enhanced support for families for a variety of reasons. Personal changes including facing a life event, such as enrollment in EFMP, PCSing, a birth, a death, or pending separation from the military may prompt a request for a Family Needs Assessment, or perhaps you just learned of this service for the first time and want to give it a try. EFMP Family support staff will work with you and your family to identify needs and set clear goals, obtain points of contact, and develop specific steps for connecting you with resources and services. This assessment provides documentation to help ensure that your family’s needs are supported with a plan of action. The EFMP support staff will work together with you and your family to determine specific follow-up actions and to document progress towards goals over time.

Standardized EFMP Family Needs Assessment

This newly standardized tool will soon be released for use across the services to provide your family focused and consistent EFMP Family Support, regardless of where the military may take you. The assessment can be beneficial in helping your family identify, organize and prioritize your needs for support and services as you plan for the future.

The EFMP Family Needs Assessment has three main components, which EFMP Family Support staff will complete in collaboration with your family: 1) The Family Needs Assessment Form, 2) The Family Services Plan, and 3) The Inter-Services Transfer Summary. The form gathers family member information to help the EFMP Family Support staff gain an understanding of your family’s needs. The Family Services Plan outlines goals and strategies determined by the family to help meet their needs, as mandated by the National Defense Authorization Act 2010. The Inter-Services Transfer Summary assists losing and gaining sister-service EFMP Family Support offices in maintaining continuity of support services for families preparing to move.

Military families with special needs: In the coming months, be on the lookout for more information on the EFMP Family Needs Assessment.

EFMP Family Support Staff: The announcement of the release of the EFMP Family Needs Assessment and guidance related to this new Department of Defense form will be sent to you via official command channels