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Considering the Legal Implications of Drunk Driving and Marijuana Use

Whether you’re living on or off an installation, driving under the influence or possessing or using marijuana can get you in serious trouble in the military. You should understand the consequences of these issues and how to handle them if you do land in legal trouble.

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Legal and Financial Considerations for Lesbian and Gay Service Members

Great strides have been made on behalf of the lesbian, gay and bisexual community. The following information will help you understand the benefits and protections for lesbian and gay service members.

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Service Member Privacy Versus Public Access to Information

As service members, you have the right to keep your personally identifiable information private. Meanwhile, the public has the right to access federal agency records.

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What to Expect When Meeting With Your Lawyer

Knowing what to expect when you meet with an attorney can make your meeting more productive and efficient. Get the most out of your time together by following these tips before and during your meeting.

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Military Legal Resources Available to You

When legal issues arise, service members and their families have a number of resources at their fingertips, much of it free. Legal assistance is available whether you need an expert to review a contract, help with estate planning, finalize deployment-related legal documents, or get advice on mediation for child custody.


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