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Military Legal Resources Available to You

When legal issues arise, service members and their families have a number of resources at their fingertips, much of it free. Legal assistance is available whether you need an expert to review a contract, help with estate planning, finalize deployment-related legal documents, or get advice on mediation for child custody.

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12 Situations Where You Can Get Free Legal Help

As a service member or eligible member of a military family, you have access to free legal benefits and services through your legal assistance office — for a wide range of circumstances, from reviewing a lease agreement to doing estate planning to getting advice if you get sued.

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How Do I Report a Crime on the Installation?

Report the crime to the nearest military police agency, whether the victims are on a military installation or if military personnel were involved. Don’t take matters into your own hands if the situation is dangerous.

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Understanding Mediation

Mediation is a less costly alternative to calling lawyers and heading to court. It’s an informal and confidential way to resolve conflicts with the help of a neutral mediator.

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How to Rent Your Home When You Deploy

While you’re deployed, you may want to rent your home or leave it in the hands of a house sitter. Both options can help deter break-ins, keep it maintained and, if you rent it, pay the mortgage.


Installation Program Directory

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