Military OneSource MilTax – Benefits

Military OneSource provides service members and their families with easy access to a suite of tax services, including access to easy-to-use tax preparation and e-filing software designed to address military-specific situations, and information and resources on a variety of tax-related topics – all 100% free. With MilTax, there are no hidden surprises.

MilTax consultations

MilTax consultants have extensive knowledge of the tax benefits for military members, families and survivors, and can help them get all the tax credits and deductions they qualify for. MilTax consultants are specially trained to understand all kinds of military tax situations. Tax assistance includes:

  • Alerting you to tax requirements and deductions related to military life.
  • Identifying important tax regulations that apply to service members.
  • Answering your questions so you can confidently complete federal and state tax forms.
  • Giving you access to MilTax consultants for any tax-related questions you have while preparing your federal and state tax returns.
  • Connecting you to MilTax software for secure online preparation and free tax filing. MilTax software is available January 22 to mid-October. Getting virtual support anywhere, anytime. Call 800-342-9647 24/7 to speak with a MilTax consultant. OCONUS/International? Click here for calling options.

MilTax tax preparation and filing services

MilTax free preparation and e-filing software is made to be convenient for the military community. It was developed with the realities of the military life in mind – scenarios that civilians rarely encounter – including deployments, combat pay, multiple moves and multi-state filing. This self-paced tax software allows you to:

  • Complete and electronically file your federal and up to three state tax forms.
  • Check on your electronic filing status.
  • Rest easy knowing the tax software provider is by your side if you get audited.
  • Get 100% accurate calculations or the tax software provider will reimburse you up to $10,000. Terms and conditions apply.

MilTax e-filing software is easy to use, and free technical assistance is available if you need it. The system protects and safeguards the security and confidentiality of your personal information by using industry-recognized security safeguards.

For technical assistance, such as login issues, using the software, printing returns, etc., call 855-897-8639 and follow the prompts.

Earned Income Tax Credit

Understand whether you can obtain an Earned Income Tax Credit to put more money in your pocket. These are federal income tax credits for low- and moderate- income working individuals and families.

  • The credit can generate a refund if you do not have any taxes to pay.
  • Service members and families may have an easier time qualifying for the credit because some forms of military income – such as pay earned during service in a combat zone or basic allowances for housing – are non-taxable and aren’t included as part of your total income.

To find out more about the credit or tax help for military members and veterans, visit the IRS website.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

  • You can meet with a military tax consultant for face-to-face assistance via the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program at no cost – for tax advice and preparation, return filing and other tax assistance.
  • This program from the IRS offers free tax preparation and e-filing at sites both on and off base. It also has sites to help our military overseas.

Find a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance location near you.

Financial counseling

After MilTax consultants help you get a tax refund, schedule a free financial counseling session with Military OneSource to figure out the best way to apply that refund to long-term savings goals.

Meanwhile, to take advantage of MilTax and other potential tax benefits, call 800-342-9647 today. OCONUS/International? Click here for calling options.

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