As the Department of Defense responds to the ever-changing effects of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we are committed to providing our service members and military families everywhere with up-to-date information, resources and answers regarding its impact on military life. Check our Coronavirus Updates page often as this information will be updated frequently. Additionally, we urge the military community to follow guidance from the Department of Defense.

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Woman in Air Force wearing a mask
Resources to Promote Well-being During COVID-19

With coronavirus disease 2019 taking its toll on service members and their families, leadership and health care providers, these resources can help everyone maintain a positive frame of mind.

Military male jogging outside
Military OneSource Virtual Resources Offer Personalized Support and Tools for Overall Well-Being

In times of change, it’s reassuring to have a trusted source of information, resources and support. For service members, that’s Military OneSource — available 24/7 to help service members and their families thrive.

Teenager using computer
Face Challenges Effectively With Non-Medical Counseling for Youth

Learn how non-medical counseling for youth can help children and youth manage military life challenges.

Service member with face mask
Staying Healthy During COVID-19

It’s normal to relax as you engage in everyday activities when you’re comfortable with the task. Avoid risk during coronavirus-19, follow guidelines and don’t cut corners on your health.

Grade school aged child focused on school work
Resources for Military Parents As COVID-19 Continues

Parents are facing a variety of new and ongoing challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Virus conditions keep changing, and work and school schedules vary. It’s easy to feel stressed about making the best choices for your family and bogged down by decision fatigue.

Moving men with protective face masks in front of house
PCS Moves in a COVID-19 Environment

When it comes time for your next military move, ensure that it’s a safe and successful one. Find out about new safety measures the Department of Defense has put in place to keep you and your family healthy and comfortable throughout the process.

Service members say goodbye before deployment
Security Clearances and COVID-19 — Adjustments, Cautions and Advice

Learn whether financial difficulties due to COVID-19 might affect your security status and how to address them.

Flight check-in with COVID19 precautions
Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 as Travel Restrictions Loosen

How can you protect yourself and others when you have to travel during the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak? Learn what you can do – and what is being done – to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

service members having temperatures taken
How is the Military Protecting My Service Member During COVID-19?

The DOD continues to work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government agencies to respond to the outbreak and prevent its spread. The DOD offers free resources through Military OneSource. Each program helps with different military-life challenges or seasons.

person traveling with mask
Guidance for Department of Defense Civilians

The Department of Defense is committed to evaluating the threat from coronavirus disease 2019 and its impact on the nation’s security.

Military father holding daughter
Staying Vigilant and Keeping Up With Current Guidance When Considering Travel During COVID-19

The infection rate of coronavirus-19 disease remains high in parts of the country and the world. If you are thinking about traveling, it’s vital to stay up to date about travel restrictions and regulations.

A woman sits with her children on a sofa.
More Parenting Resources for Managing at Home During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are both teleworking and homeschooling their children. Here are some resources to help you stay the course.

Family of three doing crafts together
How to Keep Family Stress Away While Everyone Is Home

Discover new ways to reduce stress as you and your family spend more time together during the coronavirus disease 2019 quarantine.

Service members boarding plane
Military Travel Restrictions Update

Learn about the Department of Defense’s updated exemptions from military travel restrictions.

Soldier with mask
Service Members’ Pay, Benefits, Training and Duty During COVID-19

Military service members can learn how changes for the coronavirus disease 2019 is affecting military pay, benefits, training and duty.

Three men with face masks watch temperature check on service member
Travel Restrictions Ease, but May Vary by Location

The Department of Defense is taking steps to preserve force readiness, limit spread and protect lives during the global outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019.

Person being given a COVID test
Department of Defense Strategy for COVID-19 Testing and Surveillance

The Department of Defense will begin testing some asymptomatic service members as part of the next phase of its strategy to break the chain of coronavirus disease 2019 transmission and to protect the health of the force. 

Service member taking deploying soldier's temperature
Deployment and Redeployment Requirements During COVID-19

Learn about the new Department of Defense requirements for deployment and redeployment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Line of soldiers in training
How COVID-19 Changes Affect Training, Duty, Pay and Benefits for the National Guard and Reserve

As changes due to coronavirus disease 2019 continue, reservists and members of the National Guard may wonder how they will be affected. Get questions and answers on sheltering-in-place orders, self-monitoring and other changes may affect your training, duty, pay and benefits.

Military family of four playing in front of their house
COVID-19 Resources for Parents With Children With Special Needs

Use these resources for military parents of children with special needs to make the best of a difficult time.

Military female on smart phone using Mood Hacker application
Military OneSource Virtual Resources for Well-Being

It’s important to take care of all aspects of your health. This includes your emotional well-being. Military OneSource offers telehealth counseling and virtual support. This allows you to get the help you need while staying safe.

Marine couple smiles at one another.
Maintaining Strong Relationships: Virtual Resources Available to Military Couples

These virtual resources offer relationship support for service members and their partners or spouses during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

Girl holding a phone
Navigating Relationship Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic can put added stress on relationships for some couples. Learn more about how to handle challenges in relationships, practice self-care – and how to protect yourself and find support to stay safe, if necessary.

Woman typing on a laptop
Tips for Teleworking During the Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019

If you are temporarily working from home due to coronavirus disease 2019, try these tips to help you get started and stay productive.

Woman looking away with her phone in hand
Coronavirus Support Update – Spouse Education and Career Opportunities

Find up-to-date information about SECO services and resources: what is new, what remains the same and what has changed.