Funeral Director and Planner’s Frequently Asked Questions

For information and assistance providing a military funeral honor, please use the Military Funeral Honors directory to locate the appropriate Military Funeral Honors coordinator. For additional help, contact Military OneSource at 800-342-9647. OCONUS/International? Click here for calling options.

Who do I contact if I receive a request for funeral honors for members of the Public Health Service or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration? add
What can the family of an eligible PHS or NOAA member expect? add
What is the difference between funeral honors performed for members of the uniformed services and Military Funeral Honors performed for members of the armed forces? add
Does the family of a veteran still receive the flag if the veteran has committed a felony or capital offense? add
Where do we obtain the flag for a public service worker (police, fire, elected official) who is not a military veteran? add
If a flag is not on the casket, where is it to be placed? Folded? At the head of the casket? At the foot of the casket? add
What is allowed to be placed on the flag? add
How should the flag be draped on a casket? add
Can the funeral director fold the flag and present the flag to the family? add
Are there specific words that should be used when presenting the flag to the family? add
How do we obtain Military Funeral Honors or a burial flag if the DD214 is lost and the family has no other proof? add
Are Military Funeral Honors available for the National Guard? add
What branch of service is responsible for veterans of the Army Air Corps? add
How far will the military honors unit travel to present honors? add
In the event one service cannot provide honors due to a “full schedule,” will another service group provide honors? add
Without a DD Form 214, what are the other resources to obtain military honors? add