April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. As service providers, you are an integral part of the Department of Defense work to promote positive parenting, encourage use of helping resources, and encourage prompt reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect. You reinforce the message that all community members share responsibility for our children’s safety and well-being. Together, we join a national effort to protect America’s children.

Information for Parents: MilParent Power

Military OneSource’s aim is to strengthen and support parents and families and prevent child abuse and neglect. The MilParent Power campaign seeks to engage and support military families with research-based positive parenting information and tips. MilParent Power seeks to equip parents with knowledge, community, and tips to increase the protective factors associated with preventing child abuse and neglect. Service providers can find ready-to-use MilParent Power resources in the MilParent Power Toolkit.

Suggested resources:

Start with Military OneSource and existing Department of Defense, federal and vetted non-governmental organization resources for parenting and safety information. This includes information related to technology, distracted parenting, cyber-safety (including bullying), parent self-care, positive parenting skills, adjusting to parenthood, safe sleep, fathers, deployment and military lifestyle, ACEs impact and implications, protective factors, available parent support resources — online, military and civilian.

More research, resources and references:

Military, Federal Partners and NGO Resources: