Parenting has a lot in common with being in the military. It requires smarts, skills, attention to detail and support – it’s an “always-on” job, and it takes time to master. That’s where MilParent Power comes in: helping military families build their family readiness and resilience, while supporting them in efforts to up their parenting game with easy tips, reminders and resources. Military OneSource understands being an even better parent helps in both family life and military career.

With MilParent Power, Military OneSource offers resources and tools to help busy military parents:

  • Be informed: Stay a step ahead, build your parenting skills
  • Be attentive: Consistent care and supervision help kids thrive
  • Be supportive: Caring words and small actions make a big difference

For more ideas on imagery and messaging download the 2018 MilParent Power Messaging one-pager.

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For more resources, download the 2018 MilParent Power Resources one-pager.