October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the Department of Defense participates as a way to raise awareness through a service-wide campaign.

The resources on this page will help you as service providers and leaders:

  • Raise awareness of domestic abuse
  • Provide those affected by abuse with resources and safety tips
  • Show family members and friends how to help loved ones stay safe

The 2020 campaign, “United to End Domestic Abuse,” makes a stand: The military respects, supports and defends victims of domestic abuse.

The public health measures designed to slow coronavirus disease 2019 have created conditions that may contribute to domestic abuse. Quarantine increases victims’ risk by keeping them home with their abuser. It may cut them off from friends, relatives and crisis shelters.

The focus of this campaign is on helping friends and family of victims of domestic abuse be aware of ways to help, while showing those directly affected that help is available.

If you are participating in this campaign in your community, please refer to and download the 2020 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Messaging and Resources Guide: United to End Domestic Abuse for more information and messaging.

Social media

Include social media in your campaign efforts by sharing resources and posts throughout October from the following sites:

Articles and printable resources

Customizable banners by service branch

Flyers by service branch (two versions)

Know, Ask, Learn flyers

Respect, Support, Defend flyers

Posters by service branch (two versions)

Know, Ask, Learn posters

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