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Child Abuse Prevention Month 2021 Toolkit

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Department of Defense is observing this national awareness campaign in partnership with the military services. The resources on this page will help service providers and leaders:

  • Raise awareness of the Family Advocacy Program as a resource to help keep children safe through parent education and support, and as a key partner in reporting child abuse and neglect
  • Increase awareness of parent training resources that help prevent abuse and neglect
  • Provide kids affected by abuse and neglect with resources, safety tips and support
  • Show the community how everyone plays a role to promote a climate in which military youth are safe and healthy

The 2021 campaign, “All In to End Child Abuse,” shows the DOD’s commitment to involving every member of the military community in supporting and protecting military children. Our MilKids are priority one. It’s time to join forces and go #AllInToEndChildAbuse.

The focus of this campaign is to provide resources that educate parents and involve the community, as well as empower military youth to ask for help from a trusted adult if they or a friend aren’t safe at home.

If you are participating in this campaign in your community, refer to and download the Child Abuse Prevention Month 2021 Messaging and Resources Guide: All In to End Child Abuse for more information and messaging.

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Include social media in your campaign efforts to engage your military community. Schedule your own posts during April from the Child Abuse Prevention Month 2021 Social Media Toolkit. Share posts throughout April from the following sites:




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