Military Family Readiness Reports

Annual Report to Congress on Plans for the Department of Defense for the Support of Military Family Readiness

This report provides a summary of plans and assessment activities pertaining to military family readiness and the fiscal 2010 assessment results based on Department of Defense-wide goals and metrics in select family readiness program areas.

Annual Report of the Department of Defense Military Family Readiness Council  This report presents an assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of the military family readiness programs and recommendation on action to be taken to improve the capability of the military family readiness program. The fiscal 2008 report was combined with fiscal 2008 annual report to congress on plans for the Department of Defense for the support of military family readiness (see the link above).

Report to Congress on the Impact of Deployment of Members of the Armed Forces on Their Dependent Children This report is pursuant to Section 571 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010, which requires the Secretary of Defense to submit to the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and the House of Representatives a report on the result of a comprehensive assessment of the impacts of military deployment on the dependent children of deployed service members.

Final Report from the National Leadership Summit on Military Families This report serves as a comprehensive overview and summary of the National Leadership Summit on Military Families, held Nov. 9-10, 2009, at the University of Maryland. The summit brought together key individuals including senior policymakers, family program leaders and staff, military family researchers and military family members to discuss the state of affairs for military families. The final report details current challenges, establishes goals and lays out a plan of action for the future of military family support and readiness.