Deployment Survival – Murphy’s Law has a deployment-related brother, and he’s even tougher than his everyday counterpart. In our Deployment Survival webinar, you’ll learn how to prepare for deployment, ways to manage separation and planning strategies that will help you cope when the water pipes burst at 3 a.m.

Issues Families Face When the Military Deploys – This webinar will enable participants to recognize symptoms of deployment stress and develop personal strategies to cope.

Maintaining a Healthy Marriage During Deployment – This webinar will discuss challenges a marriage may face during deployment or remote assignment. Additionally, the webinar will discuss ways to strengthen and protect a marriage while promoting personal growth during deployment or remote assignment.

Pre-Deployment and the Single Service Member – Think your pre-deployment checklist is simple because you’re a single service member? Think again. This webinar will cover all the items that should be addressed -even if you’re unattached – prior to your deployment date. Let us guide you through the must-dos so you can keep your mind on the mission.

When a Sibling Deploys – This webinar will discuss the complex emotions surrounding the deployment of a sibling – particularly when the non-deploying sibling is a young child – and the resources available to assist and support the non-deploying sibling.