Family Reunion – This webinar will discuss the topic of reunions of families from a variety of different perspectives.

Homecoming and Reunion – This webinar will review common thoughts, feelings and experiences during deployment. Additionally, the webinar will provide helpful tips for homecoming and reunion.

Post Combat Risk-Taking Behaviors – In this webinar we will discuss the definition of and statistics around post combat risk taking behavior to better understand this reaction to civilian reintegration. We will focus on the reasons why this can be common and how to survive post combat stress for both service members and their families.

Redeployment Issues for Children – Deployment of a parent or caregiver is difficult enough; what happens when that service member is facing a second, third or fourth deployment? This webinar will discuss the stages of military deployment and the impact of redeployment on children. We will discuss normal and stress responses, as well as how to create strategies to address problem behaviors.

Reintegration – The process of reintegrating after a separation or deployment can be a mixed bag of emotions and reactions. Joy, stress, frustration, elation – anything and everything gets thrown at you as you’re trying to fit back together as a family. This webinar will address the challenges and excitement of reintegration and moving forward.

Reunion Briefing – Reunion briefings help to provide an understanding of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors common to most service members and their families after deployment. It addresses the phases of reunions and reviews some common elements. This webinar also includes some questions that family members may have during the reunion process.

Welcome Home – Reconnecting With Your Child – This webinar will discuss tips and considerations for reconnecting with your child or children upon return from deployment.