The information papers on this page are designed to assist service providers and leaders as they conduct and promote Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs and services. The information papers provide background and outline key points, eligibility, availability and additional information.

Hospitality and Lodging — The “Hospitality and Lodging” information paper provides an overview of the high-quality dining, entertainment, recreation and lodging opportunities that are available to military personnel and their families.

Boating, Bowling, Golf, Stables and Special Interest Programs — The “Boating, Bowling, Golf, Stables and Special Interest Programs” information paper outlines opportunities for service members and their families to build personal skills, bond and have fun through boating, bowling, golf, equestrian and other activities.

Fitness and Sports — The “Fitness and Sports” information paper highlights various categories of physical fitness, aquatics and sports programs.

Individual Skills Development — The “Individual Skills Development” information paper details educational self-development activities that foster technical knowledge and skills and creative growth.

Information, Tickets and Travel — The “Information, Tickets and Travel” information paper provides an overview of the discounts and deals military personnel and their families can receive on trips, tours, attractions and events.

Libraries and Information Services — The “Libraries and Information Services” information paper describes the many forms of library materials and resources that are available to the Department of Defense community.

Morale, Welfare and Recreation — The “Morale, Welfare and Recreation” information paper outlines the different Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs and their corresponding funding categories.

Outdoor Recreation — The “Outdoor Recreation” information paper highlights the two sets of programs within Outdoor Recreation.

Recreation Centers — The “Recreation Centers” information paper describes the activities that installation recreation centers offer and provides funding-category details.

Single Service Member Programs — The “Single Service Member Programs” information paper details the offerings and funding of single service member programs, which support the overall quality of participants’ lives by identifying their well-being issues and concerns.

Warfighter and Family Services — The “Warfighter and Family Services” information paper outlines the various Warfighter and Family Services programs, which assist commanders, service members and their families in managing competing demands of the military mission and family.

Outreach to Active-Duty, National Guard and Reserve Service Members — The “Outreach to Active-Duty, National Guard and Reserve Service Members” information paper highlights the ways that the Morale, Welfare and Recreation benefit expands to reach those who do not have access to installation programs.

Armed Forces Retirement Home — The “Armed Forces Retirement Home” information paper outlines the one-of-a-kind independent federal agency that is in place to care for veterans.