If you’re a military family service provider looking for top-notch, online professional development, check out the Military Families Learning Network.

Interested in upleveling your service provider skills?

Check out online professional development resources from the Military Families Learning Network.

What is the MFLN?

The Military Families Learning Network is made up of Cooperative Extension family specialists, military family service professionals from the Department of Defense branch services and nongovernmental organizations. Learning opportunities are available in multiple disciplines and various formats, and many offer free continuing education credit for service providers.

What are the primary areas of focus for the MFLN?

MFLN teams concentrate on the following topic areas:

  • Nutrition and wellness – synthesizes, integrates, and applies research updates focusing on health and longevity in all aspects of military life.
  • Personal finance – helps providers support military families through a variety of financial decisions and circumstances.
  • Family development and early intervention – addresses a variety of family and youth topic areas including sexual behavior in children and youth and autism in young children.
  • Family transitions – offers content related to navigating life cycle transitions such as marriage, deployment, relocation, and retirement.
  • Military caregiving – includes an emphasis on wounded warriors and families with special needs.
  • Network literacy – provides information on a variety of tools and mindsets that enhance online learning and service delivery experiences.
  • Community capacity building – supports military and civilian stakeholders in the design, maintenance, and growth of community resources that improve the lives of military service members and their families.

How can you get the most out of the MFLN?

  • Join the learning: Choose from a wide range of topics and learn from experts. MFLN offers live webinars, asynchronous courses, and the annual Military Family Readiness Academy which takes a multidisciplinary approach to complex issues. Register today for an upcoming learning opportunity, or check out the MFLN’s archived content.
  • Gain proficiency: Discover and obtain free continuing education credit through many learning experiences created for service providers.
  • Discover and discuss: Check out resources and collaborate with others on diverse issues, ranging from sexualized behaviors of youth and children, welcoming a military family with special needs, cultural competency, to navigating the complexity of finances.
  • Be social: Use social networking and other social media tools to build a community around a topic of your interest.
  • Access informative content: Engage with newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, videos, journal articles and more on topics ranging from the effects of trauma in young children to working with LGBTQ families, to complex impacts of deployment and much more.

The Military Families Learning Network offers high quality professional development opportunities for providers who support service members and family members as part of the Military Family Readiness System.