September 8, 2020
Military Community and Family Policy

Non-DOD Agency Seeks Input from Military Families with Recent Experience Fostering or Adopting a Child

Have you fostered or adopted a child within the last 5 years (or are currently in the process of fostering/adopting or attempted to foster/adopt) while you or your spouse/partner served as an active duty service member in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, or Navy?

If so, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)—a non-partisan, fact based independent federal agency that works for Congress—would like to hear about your experiences, including any challenges you faced, supports you used, and any suggestions for how to prepare and assist military foster and adoptive families. GAO will hold small virtual discussion groups to learn more about service members’ and their families’ experiences. Discussion groups will take place by video conference in September and October 2020 and you can select from a variety of days and times to participate.

More specifically, GAO is looking for current and former active duty service members or their spouses/partners who:

  • fostered or adopted a U.S. citizen child while stationed in the U.S. or while stationed abroad
  • adopted through a private adoption agency, a private facilitator/attorney, or through the foster care system
  • fostered or adopted a non-related or related child
  • began and completed a foster care placement or adoption, are in the process of fostering or adopting, or began the process but ultimately did not foster or adopt a child
  • currently live in the U.S.

GAO will use the information collected to inform the Congress about challenges facing military families hoping to adopt or foster a child. GAO will not publish names or any other personally identifiable information in the final report. For more information or to sign-up to attend a discussion group, please leave a message at (833) 629-1122 or email Please contact us by September 30, 2020.