Now that you’ve got the basics of military life covered, it’s time to connect with your new military community. Unlock the discounts your military ID brings, participate in local events and know where to turn for solutions when you’re faced with new challenges – like Military OneSource, anytime and anywhere you need support.

I never realized that service members have such a fantastic resource [like Military OneSource] available to them. I will be sure to let all of my subordinate soldiers know about this invaluable resource and will definitely look into your other services.


Learn about all the privileges your military ID brings.

Your military ID grants you reduced rates to exclusive recreation services that help you live military life to the fullest without emptying your wallet. Service members and their families get discounts on hotels, car rentals, theme park tickets and vacation packages. Plus, you can score savings on sporting events, brewery tours, movie tickets and more.

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Connect with your local morale, welfare and recreation office.

The Department of Defense and the military services’ morale, welfare and recreation programs provide services and activities for the military community during peacetime, readiness contingencies and deployments.

You can connect to all kinds of fun programs and activities, as well as take advantage of its digital library containing lots of do-it-yourself manuals and helpful resources. Whether you’re looking to work on a small engine or learn about investing, you’ll find what you need to get started right here.

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Stretch your take-home pay with free financial guidance and other services.

Financial security at home allows all service members to be more focused and mission-ready, which is why the military offers so many free resources and services to help you make the most of your monthly pay.

Finally, you can work to cut up your credit cards, afford that car you’ve long had your eye on – or even make a down payment on your first home.

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Find assistance when you need it most.

Emergencies and challenges can appear without warning for anyone. But, the military community is especially well-equipped to help you handle anything life might throw at you.

In addition to the information and support offered through your command, you have access to a wide range of services. This includes free legal assistance, parenting support, moving coordination and plenty more programs designed just for service members.

You can even vent to a licensed counselor whenever the stress of military life gets too much – without your commander, unit or family members knowing you reached out.

Remember: You’ve got a network of people whose sole goal is to help you succeed. Take advantage of it.

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