Considering military enlistment? Just graduated from basic training? Congratulations, and welcome to the armed forces – and a new home, new rules and new routines.

Get up to speed on your new military life and community. With your military enlistment, Military OneSource stands ready to connect you to the lay of the land, along with information, resources and benefits you’ll need to launch into your new military life.

Here are the essentials to get you started.

Put your best foot forward for boot camp.

Drill Sargeant on Rope

When it comes to basic training with any service, you’ve got to pack the right stuff and prepare yourself mentally and physically for what’s ahead. Here’s what you need to know.

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Here’s how military housing and health care work.

Welcome to your first assignment – now it’s time to understand room and board, along with the military health care program, TRICARE.

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Take advantage of your installation’s commissaries, exchanges, recreation services and more.

Installations offer you more than just barracks and mess halls. In fact, most military installations have a lot of affordable resources for service members and their families, like deeply discounted grocery and department stores, called “commissaries” and “exchanges.”

You’ll also find libraries, golf courses, recreation areas and special events – many available on-base for free or at greatly reduced prices.

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Get paid – and make the money work for you.

Every month, you’ll get your Leave and Earnings Statement – a form that tells you how much you got paid and where that money went (besides your bank account).

There’s lots of different types of pay and tax-free allowances you can earn during your service, and the military’s retirement savings program can set you up for life. Our free financial consultants can help you figure out your finances – from paying down that credit card debt to putting a down payment on a car, and even free tax help.

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Military OneSource is the best military service — helps a soldier out a lot, especially an enlisted soldier like myself! Thankful for every service — translation, health care info, tax issues and more.