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Wounded Warrior Specialty Consultations: Health Care, Benefits and More

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Injured and seriously ill service members and their caregivers can get help connecting with immediate assistance for issues related to health care, resources, facilities and benefits through Military OneSource wounded warrior specialty consultations.

What we do and who is eligible for consultation services

Consultations aren’t limited to just those service members with combat injuries or a military disability. Service members and veterans injured in accidents or battling serious illnesses are also eligible, as are the caregivers of all injured or ill service members and veterans. Consultants are available to help with:

  • Questions about health care and benefits
  • Getting additional support
  • Reporting problems with military facilities
  • Support for non-medical issues like transportation needs, legal issues, respite care and much more

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Working with your service branch and the Department of Veterans Affairs

Each service branch operates a wounded warrior program to help service members and their caregivers with non-medical issues associated with transitioning back to duty or civilian life. Military OneSource specialty consultants work with these programs and the Department of Veterans Affairs to quickly connect service members and caregivers to the resources they need. Eligibility to use the service doesn’t end when the service member leaves a military treatment facility.

Response timelines after your call

Within an hour of a call, consultants will refer the service member or caregiver to the right resources at the VA or the wounded warrior program specific to their service branch. Within 96 hours of calling, they will have a plan that addresses their issue and a personal consultant assigned to guide them through the entire process, no matter how complex.

What types of support do wounded warrior programs provide?

The wounded warrior programs work with the service member, caregiver and their medical team to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses specific recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration goals. Typical non-medical support may include all these services and more:

  • Pay and personnel issues
  • Invitational travel orders
  • Lodging and housing adaptations
  • Child and youth care arrangements
  • Transportation needs
  • Legal and guardianship issues
  • Education and training benefits
  • Respite care
  • Traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress support services

More about wounded warrior programs and services

The military’s wounded warrior programs provide help and support for severely wounded, ill and injured service members, veterans and their caregivers. Eligibility for wounded warrior benefits isn’t limited to those with combat injuries. Other eligible military members include:

  • Service members battling serious illnesses
  • Service members injured in accidents and requiring long-term care

Support doesn’t stop just because the service member is no longer under military care. Wounded warrior programs provide lifetime support, even after the service member is discharged from a military treatment facility.

Additional resources for caregivers

Caregivers of wounded warriors can get additional support from Military OneSource beyond specialty consultations including: Personalized Experiences, Engagement and Resources — or PEER — forums, as well as webinars, caregiver-related events and specialized resources.

Also, check out Military OneSource’s wounded warrior page for information about independent living, caregiver support issues, living with a disability, and links to VA and TRICARE.

Military OneSource has more information about wounded warrior programs. Wounded warriors or their caregiver who need help understanding benefits can contact Military OneSource for a free specialty consultation at 800-342-9647.

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