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American Red Cross support for Military families

American Red Cross Support for Military Families

The American Red Cross offers important support to service members, veterans and their families. You’ll find the Red Cross in hometowns across America, on military installations around the world and deployed with the armed forces to Afghanistan, Kuwait and Djibouti.

The American Red Cross can help you:

  • Reach a loved one through its worldwide emergency communication network
  • Access emergency financial assistance and services
  • Prepare for and recover from a disaster
  • Cope with deployment
  • Learn first aid and more

For more than 130 years, the American Red Cross has helped service members, veterans and their families during emergencies, supporting them in a number of ways.

Emergency communications

The Red Cross’s network of emergency communication centers across America and around the world will help you notify a family member of an emergency, such as a death or serious illness. Call 877-272-7337, or your local Red Cross if stationed overseas, and you will be asked for:

  • The service member’s name, rank, social security number and unit address
  • The name of the person with the emergency and its nature
  • Contact information for medical authorities

Financial assistance

The Red Cross works with the military aid societies to provide you funds in an emergency. The Red Cross will also connect you with other potential financial resources.

Disaster assistance

The Red Cross will connect you with emergency food and shelter and help you find support for your physical and mental health needs during a disaster.

Worldwide community education

American Red Cross workshops and training classes can help you and your family cope with challenging times.

  • The Coping with Deployment course was designed to help family members meet the challenges that may arise throughout the deployment cycle. The course is offered at no charge in English and Spanish, online and in person.
  • The Reconnection Workshops help service members, veterans and their families through the transition home after deployment. Each workshop focuses on a specific area, such as managing anger, supporting children, building communication, reconnecting with others and recognizing post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.
  • Other Red Cross courses can help prepare you and your family for emergencies while boosting your employment skills. Courses include nurse assistance training, CPR and first-aid training, swimming instruction, lifeguarding, water safety instruction and babysitter training.

Red Cross Volunteer Opportunities

When you volunteer for the Red Cross, you help your community while building your resume. Learn about the different volunteer opportunities by contacting your local Red Cross.

The American Red Cross has a long history of helping service members and their families. Contact them for support and emergency assistance when you need it.

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