Getting Settled

New to the military? That means new surroundings. New digs. New routines. You’ll want to get up to speed on your new living arrangements, rules and ways to get rooted in your new military community.

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F-16 falcons fly in a row over mountains
Marine Corps Staff Sgt. takes the oath of allegiance at a U.S. Naturalization ceremony at Kadena Air Base in Japan
A servicemember counting out cash.
Military pay technician examines a financial document.
service member looks at smoke
U.S. Army Soldiers conduct their two-mile run during the Army Physical Fitness Test
Service Member Doing Pushups
Soldiers working out on grass.
Airman working
Group of Marines and Sailors with open books listen to financial seminar.
Man in a military uniform shows a stack of twenty dollar bills.
Cashier helps soldier with debit card
Family enjoys healthy exercise outside
Child high fiving adult at community event
Four new service members do push-ups in front of a line of their peers.
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