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Home Modification Resources for Wounded Warriors

Accessibility can mean different things to different people. It can range from a wheelchair ramp and wider doorways to something as simple as a special doorbell. An accessible home is one that lets its occupant with disabilities do what he or she wants and needs to do, as independently as possible.

If you're a service member or veteran with disabilities that require adapting your home to make it accessible, these government and community resources can help you with financial assistance and technical advice.

Government resources

Visit these sites for federal, state and local government assistance:

Nongovernment resources

Get information from organizations and nonprofits on the following sites:

  • AbleData: A comprehensive, federally funded project, AbleData provides information on assistive technology and rehabilitative equipment sources worldwide.
  • Institute for Human Centered Design: This organization offers consultation, workshops, courses, conferences and materials on accessible and adaptable design.
  • Center for Universal Design: This national research, information and technical assistance center evaluates, develops and promotes universal design in housing, public and commercial facilities and related products. It also provides information on fair housing practices and home modifications.
  • Homes for Our Troops, Inc.: A privately funded nonprofit, Homes for Our Troops builds specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans nationwide. The homes are mortgage-free so that severely injured veterans can focus on family, recovery and rebuilding their lives in a secure, independent environment.
  • National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification: This university-based nonprofit provides helpful advice and links, including state-by-state information.
  • Salute America's Heroes: Wheelchair-bound or blind veterans can receive financial assistance to buy homes that accommodate their disabilities.

Service organizations for veterans

Find home modification resources from the following organizations, which are dedicated to wounded warriors:

You should feel comfortable and at ease in your home. If you need to modify your home to make it more accessible, these resources can help get you started. Contact a Military OneSource Wounded Warriors specialty consultant with any questions.