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Airman assisting with PCS claim forms

Air Force PCS Moving Support

If you have orders for a temporary duty or permanent change of station move, it is recommended that you contact your local transportation office for help arranging your move. The office will be able to help you schedule your move and deal with the more complicated entitlements and accounting procedures that are typically associated with a military relocation.

Household goods inspection rate increase

Updated: Nov. 2, 2017

Effectively immediately, the Air Force inspection standard for household goods, unaccompanied baggage, non-temporary storage and local move shipments into, out of or within a transportation officer’s area of responsibility is increased from 50% to 80%.

Also per the memo, Air Force Personal Property Program Offices should offer one-on-one counseling to all service members:

Personal property offices will provide one-on-one counseling to all members as the norm. Group counseling and self-counseling through the Defense Personal Property System may be used where mission or unique circumstances dictate.

For more specific information, view:

Claims guidance – filing directly with your transportation service provider

On delivery day, it is very important that you write down new damage or missing items on the front of the Notice of Loss/Damage At Delivery form. This form may also be called the Form 1850 or DD Form 1840, and it may also be pink in color.

When listing the damages, you want to make sure you are very descriptive. For example, if you have DVDs missing, you need to put the inventory number of the missing box as well as the number of DVDs that were packed in the box. If your furniture has been damaged, list the inventory number, the item name and the specific type of damage. For example, record “kitchen table right leg scratched” versus “kitchen table scratched.” Both you and one of the delivery team members will sign and date the form, and each of you will receive a copy.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to check the form for your transportation service provider’s contact information as any claim you may file will be directly with the TSP.

Filing the Notice of Loss/Damage After Delivery form

You may discover loss or damage after the moving company leaves your residence. If so, you must give notification of the loss or damage to the TSP. You do this by filling out the Notice of Loss or Damage After Delivery form and sending it to your TSP within 75 days (applicable to household good shipments picked up prior to May 15, 2020) or within 180 days (applicable to household goods shipments picked up May 15, 2020 and after) from your delivery date. You must note what was missing or damaged within the required timeframe or the TSP can deny liability for those items.

An extension to the notification timeframe may be granted by your Military Claims Office, or MCO, for periods of official absence. Official absence includes temporary duty or deployment or any periods of hospitalization or medical incapacitation. Your MCO is the Air Force Claims Service Center located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The office contact information is provided below. Documentation, such as TDY orders, paid voucher or medical profile, must be submitted to your MCO for justification for extension. If you do not have justification for an extension, the TSP will not be considered liable for any missing or damaged items.

Filing your claim

You have nine months to submit your claim against your TSP in order to receive full replacement value, also referred to as FRV, for any missing or destroyed items. The TSP’s liability is to repair the item or provide full replacement value, whichever is less. If an item can be repaired, that’s what the TSP is liable for. If the item is missing or can’t be repaired, they must offer you full replacement value for that item.

Your TSP is responsible to obtain repair estimates or replacement cost substantiation. They may require your assistance to schedule inspections and repair estimates. They may also request that you provide the replacement cost substantiation. You must contact your TSP for information on their claims submission procedures. If you do not submit your claim within nine months, the TSP’s liability decreases to the depreciated valuation, so it is to your benefit to file your claim as quickly as possible. Your TSP has to provide the contact information for your claims examiner within 15 days of your claims submission.

Negotiating with your TSP

Your TSP has 60 days to adjudicate your claim from the date you submitted your claim. After reviewing your claim, your TSP will make a settlement offer to you.

If you agree with the settlement, the TSP will pay you or arrange for repairs. The TSP has 30 days to mail a check to you for items you have agreed on. The TSP should provide an itemized listing of their offer on all items.

If you don’t agree with the TSP’s offer on an item, you can ask them to reconsider their offer by providing further information which might sway them to make a better offer. If you receive a final denial or don’t agree with the TSP’s offer, you can file with your MCO for those items. In most cases, the MCO can only pay depreciated valuation, but will assert a recovery action against the responsible TSP in which they may be able to recover additional monies for you.

IMPORTANT: You cannot receive payment from your TSP and your MCO for the same item.

Claims assistance

If you require assistance during the claims process, please contact the Air Force Claims Service Center by calling DSN 986-8044, toll free 877-754-1212 or commercial 937-656-8044. Alternatively, you can email them at

Duty hours are 7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

For a downloadable version of the claims information listed above, visit the claims process document.

Customer service information

Air Force Customer Service
For entitlements, exceptions to policy and general information, contact:
Phone (DSN): 487-3357
Phone (commercial): 210-652-3357
Facebook: Personal Property Activity HQ


For claims assistance, contact:
Phone (DSN): 986-8044
Phone (commercial): 937-656-8044
Phone (toll free): 877-754-1212
Fax (DSN): 986-8307
Fax (commercial): 937-656-8307

Retirement/separation HHG extensions

Phone (DSN): 487-3312
Phone (commercial): 210-652-3312
Fax (DSN): 954-4263
Fax (commercial): 210-321-4263


555 E. Street East, Suite 4
JBSA Randolph, TX 78150-4439
United States

Supplemental policies

For detailed information about personal property moving and storage, consult the Air Force Household Goods Policy.

General information

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