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Filing a Claim After Your Military Shipment is Delivered

Sometimes PCS moves don’t always go as planned. For those times when the movers lose or damage your household goods, you can file a claim to get the full or partial replacement value of such items. Here are the basics to filing a claim for belongings that are lost or damaged during your PCS.

Submitting a Notification of Loss or Damage Form Report in DPS

When you need to file a claim, go to the Defense Personal Property System. Before filing a claim, a good place to start is to submit a Loss or Damage Report. This report notifies the moving company that you intend to file a claim for lost or damaged items and allows you more time in filing a claim and submitting paperwork.

You still need to file a claim after submitting a Loss or Damage Report. However, submitting this form/report, which is optional, could encourage the moving company to settle any damages or disputes sooner, and at the very least it gives you more flexibility in the process.

Below are the important dates when filing a Loss or Damage Report in DPS. You have:

  • Up to 75 days after the delivery date to sign into DPS and submit a Loss or Damage Report.
  • Up to nine months after the delivery date to submit itemized claims for any lost or damaged items in DPS.
  • Up to 60 days for your transportation provider to pay, deny or make a counter offer on your claim.
  • Between nine months and two years after the delivery date to file a claim directly with your TSP for a depreciated value. You may contact the military claims office should you need assistance to receive partial replacement value for any missing or lost items not submitted initially.

If you do not submit the Notification of Loss or Damage form/report first, you have only 75 days to submit itemized claims. Learn more about the ins and outs of the claim process.

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Reporting lost or damaged household items in DPS

If any of your household items are lost or damaged, you can receive full replacement value of that item(s), if your claim is filed with your TSP within nine months after the delivery date. The carrier will repair or pay to replace the damaged or lost item with the same make and model or one of comparable qualities and features, if the same item cannot be found. The military claims office can help you resolve disagreements with your moving company.

Note: If you immediately recognize something as damaged on your delivery date, the moving company could offer you up to $500 the same day, called a “quick claim.” Payment will be made within five calendar days of your delivery date. You can only accept compensation for an item once, so you can’t file claims on those quick claim items later.

Submitting an itemized claim in DPS

Before creating your claim in DPS, gather as much information about the lost or damaged item as possible. Keeping photos, receipts and details of expensive or important items can be very helpful throughout the process.

In addition to any photos or receipts you have, know the item’s manufacturer, inventory number, cost at purchase, year of purchase, extent of damage and repair estimate. The more details you have, the better.

If you started with a Loss or Damage Report within DPS, you can pull loss/damage items directly onto your claim without retyping the items once you log in to DPS to create your claim.. If some items that were lost are now found, you can remove them before you submit the final claim.

Stay on top of the process and continue to follow up with the moving company. Remember to transfer the claim to your military claims office if you are unable to reach agreement with the moving company at any time during the process.

Privately owned vehicle claims

There are four options for filing a privately owned vehicle claim: on-site settlement, IAL claim, military claim and inconvenience claim. The most popular option is on-site settlement, which is a combination of part repair or replacement costs plus labor. This claim is done at the Vehicle Processing Center for claims of $1,500.00 or less.

You can find more information about claims at the FAQ section of PCSmyPOV. Each POV claim option gives a different level of service and convenience. Find what works best for you.

Provide Feedback

You will have an opportunity to evaluate your household good or unaccompanied baggage shipment by submitting a customer satisfaction survey (CSS) after your shipment has been delivered. Whether your move was a positive or negative experience, your input will help decrease or eliminate future problems for others during their PCS move. To access the survey, log in to the Electronic Transportation Acquisition website and select “Defense Personal Property System (DPS).”

If you need help at any point in the claims process, you can contact your military claim office to point you in the right direction. Please go to and select your service branch MCO for more details.

The relocation assistance program professional can walk you through any stage of the moving process. To find your nearest program, go to MilitaryINSTALLATIONS, then select relocation assistance program and your installation from the drop-down menu.

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