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Filing a Claim After Your PCS Shipment is Delivered

Sometimes PCS moves don’t go exactly as planned. Rest assured that if the movers lose or damage your household goods you are entitled to receive compensation for lost or damaged property, as well as expenses incurred due to a lapse in service. You are highly encouraged to file claims in these instances and can find more details on filing a claim(s) below.

File a Notification of Loss/Damage Form with your TSP

When your household goods are delivered, your transportation service provider, or TSP, should give you a Notification of Loss/Damage at Delivery form to complete. However, if you don’t discover lost or damaged items until after the movers have gone, you can still contact your TSP to notify them of any loss or damage, and you have up to nine months to file a claim with them for the full replacement value. If you file a claim more than nine months from the delivery date, you will only be eligible for the depreciated value. You also have 2 years from delivery date to transfer your claim to your service branch military claims office, or MCO, and will receive a depreciated value for the item(s) upfront. Your MCO will then continue to negotiate for the full replacement value on your behalf. Your MCO can also help you resolve disagreements with your TSP.

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If you file a Loss/Damage Report, you can submit claims for any additional lost or damaged items discovered after the initial 75 or 180 calendar day window (the 180 calendar days timeframe only applies to shipments picked up on or after May 15, 2020), even if the item(s) wasn’t included on the original Loss/Damage Report. Contact your MCO to request a waiver to discuss good cause for the delay. Good cause may include, but is not limited to, an officially recognized absence or hospitalization during some or all of the 75 or 180 calendar days after delivery.

Remember that even if you notify your TSP of loss or damage, you must also submit a Loss and Damage Report and file a claim with the Defense Personal Property System, or DPS, in order to be reimbursed. Contacting your TSP lets them know you plan to submit a claim with DPS. It also gives the TSP a chance to settle any disputes and possibly reimburse you for any loss or damage more quickly.

Note: If the delivering TSP offers, you may file a quick claim settlement outside of DPS to promptly resolve minor loss or damage (not to exceed $1,000). You will file paperwork on delivery day with the TSP and payment will be sent within five calendar days of claim submission. While you cannot file claims on those specific items later, you may still file claims for other lost or damaged items discovered after delivery using DPS.

Report lost and damaged household goods in DPS

There are two steps to reporting lost or damaged household goods in DPS: filing a Loss and Damage Report and filing an itemized claim. To complete these two steps, you have the following time periods:

  • Up to 75 days (applicable to household goods shipments picked up prior to May 15, 2020) or 180 days (applicable to household goods shipments picked up May 15, 2020 and after) to inspect your property, annotate all loss and damage not previously discovered and reported at the time of delivery, and provide notice to the TSP.
  • Up to nine months after the delivery date to submit itemized claims for any lost or damaged items to receive the full replacement value of your item(s.)
  • Between nine months and two years after the delivery date to file a claim directly with your TSP for a depreciated value. Contact your military claims office for help receiving depreciated replacement value, or repair cost, whichever is the lesser of the two.

If your household goods shipment was picked up May 15, 2020 and after, the TSP must pay, deny or make an offer within 30 calendar days on all claims valued at $1,000 or less and 60 calendar days on claims over $1,000. You will have the opportunity to accept or make a counter-offer for each item and the TSP must respond to your reply within seven calendar days.

File a Loss and Damage Report in DPS

Even if you have already contacted your TSP about any loss or damage, you must also file a Loss and Damage Report and an itemized claim in DPS to be reimbursed. Follow these simple steps to: File a Loss and Damage Report in DPS.

File a claim in DPS

Before creating your claim in DPS, gather as much information about the lost or damaged items as possible. Photos, receipts and details of expensive or important items can be very helpful throughout the process. In addition to any photos or receipts you have, know the item’s manufacturer, inventory number, cost at purchase, year of purchase, extent of damage and repair estimate. The more details you have, the better.

If you already submitted a Loss and Damage Report in DPS, you can pull loss/damage items directly onto your claim without retyping the items. If some items that were lost are now found, you can remove them before you submit the final claim.

It is recommended that you stay engaged in the claims process and follow up with the TSP as needed. If you are unable to reach agreement with the TSP at any time during the process, you can transfer the claim to your military claims office for assistance.

Privately owned vehicle claims

You have two options for filing a POV loss or damage claim: you can submit and settle your claim directly with International Auto Logistics, or you can transfer your claim to your service branch of military claims office. You can access IAL’s claims information at PCSmyPOV or check out the POV Claims brochure.

Complete a customer satisfaction survey

Your feedback matters! After your shipment has been delivered, you will have an opportunity to evaluate your household goods or unaccompanied baggage shipment by submitting a customer satisfaction survey. Your feedback helps determines which companies get DOD’s business, so be sure to let us know if you were satisfied or not.

The surveys are read by real humans and if a TSP has a negative trend, they can be suspended (temporarily or indefinitely) for providing poor service. On the flip side, if you find a TSP that did an excellent job, please put that in the survey as well, so we know who to continue to reward with more service contracts.

To access the survey, log on to DPS and select Customer Satisfaction Survey tab. If you are unable to log on to DPS you can call the System Response Center at 800-462-2176. Select option 2, next option 1, and then option 1.


For more information about claims, review the Personal Property Claims Fact Sheet.

If you need help at any point in the claims process, contact your service branch military claims office. Visit Military OneSource PCS customer service contacts and look under the Claims section for your service branch MCO contact information.

For assistance with your household goods or unaccompanied baggage shipments and delivery, contact your local transportation office.

Your local Relocation Assistance Program is also a great source of support – before, during and after your move. Relocation experts can help answer questions and connect you with resources for newcomer orientations, child care, youth sponsorship, spouse employment, emergency financial aid and more. Learn more about the military Relocation Assistance Program.

If you have questions or need help finding information, Military OneSource consultants are available 24/7/365 to connect you with the resources you need to master your PCS. Call 800-342-9647, use OCONUS calling options or schedule a live chat.

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