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Take Command of Your Move With These Tips

Moving can be the start of a great family adventure. As you get ready to pack up, consider these tips which can make your next move easier and allow you to focus on the exciting opportunities that await at your next home. Military OneSource provides relocation professionals as well as online tools and personalized support that will help you master your move.

  1. Start planning right away. For resources to plan your move, Military OneSource has you covered.
    • As soon as you know where and approximately when you’re moving, you can build a personalized timeline, and get packing tips, to-do lists and checklists with the Plan My Move online tool.
    • Use to schedule your move.
    • Learn about your new installation and the community around it with MilitaryINSTALLATIONS. This online tool has contact information, articles, maps and photos about installations worldwide.
    • Use to find housing near your new installation.
    • Military OneSource offers many other planning resources to help you master your move.
  2. Tell your children.

    Ensure a Safe PCS During the Pandemic.

    Protecting people takes top priority. Find out about new safety measures the Department of Defense has put in place to keep you and your family healthy and comfortable.

    Moving can be a challenging experience for children. There are a few steps you can take to help them navigate the emotional rollercoaster of packing up and shipping out. Military Kids Connect is an online community specifically designed to help military children ages 6-17 deal with the unique psychological challenges of military life, including frequent moves.

    Tell them about the move as soon as possible. And be sure to reassure them that the important things in life – such as how much you love them – won’t change.

  3. Take inventory.
    A key part of a successful move is knowing exactly what’s going with you. The good news is technology makes this part easier than ever. With a smartphone or computer, you can record the name, description and condition of everything in your home. Download free home inventory software at or ask your insurance company for inventory app recommendations.
  4. Be prepared to wait for your stuff.
    The location of your new home will determine a lot of things – including how long it takes for your household goods to arrive. If you are moving overseas, be prepared for it to take several months for your furniture and your car to catch up with you. A packing tip: even if you’ll only be without your household goods for a few weeks, make sure you have the important items you’ll need in the meantime included in your unaccompanied baggage or with you.
  5. Follow these hand-carry packing tips.
    There are a few essential items that you’ll need to keep with you at all times during your move, especially vital documents. These include:

    • Orders
    • IDs, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and passports for every member of your family
    • Marriage, divorce, birth and naturalization certificates
    • Medical information and medication for each family member
    • Housing information, including your insurance information and inventory
    • School and employment records
    • Vehicle documents
    • Precious or irreplaceable items.
  6. Know where to turn for answers.
    Line up a sponsor and other points of contact at your new installation to ensure you have people to turn to if you have urgent questions. Also, if anything is damaged or lost during the move, you’ll need your insurance company information and your inventory on hand to file insurance claims.
  7. Be as flexible as possible.Part of ruling your relocation is expecting the unexpected. There are a lot of variables to consider when planning – and each of them can mean changes, delays or even an expedited move. Don’t finalize your personal plans until you have orders in hand.Summer is the busiest PCS season. Don’t assume move dates are set until they are confirmed.
  8. Don’t forget those last-minute things
    As you get ready to leave your current house for the last time, don’t forget to forward your mail and make sure your pets are ready for the move. Need to change health care providers? Do so at TRICARE.

Don’t fret. With these moving tips, some preparation and a bit of luck, your next move will be worry-free. Seize your adventure and master your move by tapping into the professionals and resources at your local relocation assistance offered by the Military and Family Support Center and Military OneSource. Call 800-342-9647 for assistance.

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