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Civilian Employment Information (CEI)

Reserve Component service members are required to annually submit information about their civilian employer and job skills in order for the Department of Defense to meet three different requirements defined in law.

The Department of Defense is required to:

  • Give consideration to civilian employment necessary to maintain national health, safety, and interest when considering members for recall;
  • Ensure that members with critical civilian skills are not retained in numbers beyond those needed for those skills;
  • Inform employers of reservists of their rights and responsibilities under the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act.

Providing current CEI enables the Department of Defense to inform Reserve Component Service members and their employers of their rights and obligations.

When is CEI Submitted?

CEI for National Guard members (Army and Air) is submitted annually during readiness processing or records reviews.

There is a new website application for submission of CEI data that is currently in testing. When the application is formally approved for release CEI submission will resume and details will be disseminated through unit leadership. A link to the new application will also be posted on this page.

Please Note: Other reserve component service members should continue to report CEI information through their respective service.

What happens if I don’t submit my CEI?

Submitting your CEI is mandatory. Reserve component members who fail to submit their information (or submit false employment information) can be subject to administrative or punitive action. Additionally failing to provide the required information could adversely impact your local community.

What information am I required to provide?

Social Security Number*
Service Component*
Employment Status
Industry and Title (based upon Department of Labor standardized categories)
Position Start Date
Position End Date
Answer Question: Are you a first responder?
Answer Question: Are you Self Employed?
Employer Name
Employer Address

* This information is prepopulated in the system for Army National Guard members. Air National Guard members need to enter the information. Social security numbers are not displayed on reports and only the last four numbers are visible in the system. Social security numbers are required by Defense Manpower Data Center for CEI reporting.

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