Financial Management

Managing your money responsibly is part of mission readiness. The financial management awareness program helps you master your money with strategies such as budgeting, paying down debt, saving and creating a financial plan to build financial security.


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Financial Services to Keep You Financially Fit

National Guard members and their families face many of the same challenges as active-duty military families. Your Guard status does, however, mean that you face some unique issues, like connecting with the resources you need when you don't live near an installation and transitioning back to your civilian job.

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Monitor Your Financial Health
Applying for a loan is a common first step toward buying a home, buying a car or going back to school. The application process itself can be stressful, and there’s nothing worse than hearing your loan application was denied. Even with a steady income and a good payment history, your loan application could be rejected because you already have too much debt.
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Save Money Every Day
As a new service member, you probably have financial pressures you've never faced before, such as paying rent or buying a car. And you're beginning to make financial choices that can negatively or positively impact your future, such as paying off credit card debt.
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Financial Readiness = Mission Readiness
The Financial Management Awareness Program is here to help you alleviate financial distress so you can be “Always Ready, Always There.”
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Managing Your Debt
FINRA Foundation research shows a significant number of military families have large credit card debt, with one in four respondents reporting outstanding balances of more than $10,000. Use these tools to learn more about credit scores, managing credit and ultimately making better financial decisions.

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