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FAQs About the Accreditation Program

Question: What is the purpose of accreditation?
Answer: Military Family Readiness Program Accreditation includes the accreditation of family readiness services provided to active duty, reserve and National Guard service members as well as their dependents.

Question: What authority or regulation required accreditation?
Answer: DoDI 1342.22, Military Family Readiness, dtd. July 3, 2012, enclosure 3, para 6, Performance Management. This regulation is currently under revision, where the section on accreditation has been expanded to include more detailed information and includes the DOD selected standards.

Question: How often is accreditation required by regulation?
Answer: No less than once every four years.

Question: What programs does accreditation cover?
Answer: Since the National Guard may not have all available programs at an Active Component location, only the program areas applicable to each state are inspected. These include:

a. Community Capacity Building Initiatives
b. Emergency Family Assistance
c. Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support
d. Family Advocacy
e. Financial Readiness
f. Military Lifestyle Support and Education
g. Financial Education and Counseling
h. Non-Medical Individual and Family Counseling
i. Volunteer Coordination

Question: What locations does accreditation inspect?
Answer: For the National Guard’s MFR, Accreditation inspects each state’s Family Program offices and centers, regardless of component.

Question: Is there a separate accreditation process for Army and Air Guard Family Programs?
Answer: No. For the National Guard, each state is accredited as a joint entity. Thus, all joint, Army and Air Guard Family Program assets within the state are included under one accreditation visit.

Question: Who is responsible at the state level for gathering/compiling evidence for the preliminary self-study/self-study?
Answer: SFPD or their representative that has been appointed by the TAG.

Question: How long does the accreditation process take?
Answer: The preparation typically takes 9 to 12 months and the accreditation visit takes two to five days.

Question: Where can I get help at the state level?
Answer: Regional SFPDs Advisory Council Rep or NGB-J1-FP. SFPDs who have successfully passed accreditation are willing to mentor SFPDs who are newly assigned or have never completed the process.

Question: Can states that have the same programs share information?
Answer: Yes. Sharing information is allowed, especially when best practices have been proven.

Question: Is accreditation tracked at DoD?
Answer: Yes, DoD is developing a collection site of results of the accreditation inspection visits by standard. All identified deficiencies must be resolved prior to awarding a DoD Certificate.

Question: What is a DoD Certificate?
Answer: The DoD Certificate is evidence that your state completed the accreditation process and the results have been reviewed and approved by DoD. To comply with the regulation, a DoD Certificate is required.

Question: Who can I contact at NGB with questions?
Answer: NGB-J1-FP staff

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