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About the Transition Assistance Program

Mission statement

To provide direction through the maze of programs available to veterans and connection to earned benefits with the compassion of someone who knows what it’s like to transition from active duty.

Program vision

Transition assistance advisors were established in May 2005 when the Chief, National Guard Bureau, LTG H. Steven Blum signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Their principal role is to provide direction to members of the Reserve Component so that they can secure all benefits, entitlements and services earned through their military service.

According to the National Defense Authorization Act 2013, transition assistance advisors “serve as points of contact to assist eligible members of the reserve components in accessing benefits and health care furnished under laws administered by the Secretary of Defense and benefits and health care furnished under the laws administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs” (Sec. 513), VOW Act and TAP. This support empowers members of the Reserve Component with the critical knowledge needed to take advantage of the programs and resources, effects of a career change, employment assistance, relocation assistance, education/training, physical and mental health well-being, health and life insurance, finances, disabled veteran benefits, legal assistance, and state and federal benefits available to them.

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Transition support

Have you just returned from deployment? Do you have a service-related injury or health care issue? Perhaps you’re about to retire from service and you’re looking for someone to show you how to get back into the swing of civilian life. Getting to know your local transition assistance advisor means you’ll have reliable, professional support whenever you need it, whatever the circumstance.

Your benefits

Transition assistance advisors maintain a large number of resources to help you and your family receive services to fulfill your specific needs. Discover what services, benefits and entitlements are available to you through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you need access to mental health care during your transition, the Department of Defense inTransition program provides free and confidential specialized coaching. This program is available to all active-duty service members, National Guard members, reservists, veterans and retirees regardless of length or service or discharge status.

12 myths about benefits

Don’t know what to believe about transition assistance, VA benefits and entitlements? Let us help you sort out fact from fiction. Our Myths page busts 12 of the most common misconceptions about benefits and entitlements for the National Guard.

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