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Busting 12 Benefit Myths

Don’t know what to believe about transition assistance, VA benefits and entitlements? Click on a myth below to reveal the true story.

Myth #1: After I return from OIF/OEF, I need to have my dental work (as part of my VA benefit) completed before the end of the 180-day period. add

Myth #2: If I receive disability compensation from the VA, I will be discharged from the National Guard. add

Myth #3: I am receiving 40% disability compensation from the VA and have heard that I will be discharged if I am receiving more than 30%. add

Myth #4: VA does retirement physicals. add

Myth #5: If I am injured in a car accident, my TSGLI benefits will reduce the amount of my SGLI in the event of my death at a later time. add

Myth #6: As a National Guard member, I heard that my SGLI coverage is only good while I’m at drill. add

Myth #7: I cannot go to the VA Hospital for a service-connected problem because I have private health insurance. add

Myth #8: If I am a service member returning from theater and do not have a job, I am not eligible for Unemployment Compensation. add

Myth #9: I need to pay enrollment fees to take advantage of the Post-9/11 GI Bill. add

Myth #10: If I file for my VA compensation, then I have automatically enrolled in the VA Healthcare System. add

Myth #11: Service members and their families are not eligible for Pre-activation Benefits (Early Eligibility) TRICARE. add

Myth #12: I am enrolled in the TRICARE health care program and am automatically covered for dental care. add

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