Most service members know about the cost savings available when shopping at the commissary or military exchange. And the perks include more than just savings. Here are some of the other resources available to service members through the commissary and exchange.

Commissary and exchange resources

The commissary and exchange savings are nice. And getting the 30 percent discount is just the beginning. Here are a few of the other resources available:

  • Click2Go: an online shopping and curbside pick-up service providing you greater access to your commissary benefit anytime or anywhere
  • Sales Flyer: a list of what’s on sale for the week
  • Commissary Connection: a newsletter with updates for your local commissary and the latest commissary news, promotions and events
  • Coupon Links: links to all kinds of coupons on different sites, such as
  • Healthy Recipes: recipes for your meal planning or last-minute meals
  • Sales and Events: special offers and promotions

Other resources include:

  • Shop safely online: You can shop 24/7 through secure websites, and get free shipping on purchases over $49 or for items purchased with your Military STAR® credit card.
  • Pay and return easily: Your exchange accepts all major credit cards, your Military STAR® card or personal checks (with an ID). Most exchanges have generous return policies.
  • Get all your uniform needs: Everything you need for your uniform is at your exchange store.
  • Go Green: An initiative by the Defense Commissary Agency to cut energy costs and protect the environment, the commissary builds energy-efficient stores and recycles whenever possible.

Guard/Reserve on-site sales option

For National Guard or reserve service members who live far from an installation, the Defense Commissary Agency created the commissary on-site sales option. This is how it works:

  • A host commissary coordinates with a National Guard or Reserve Component unit of at least 150 local members for an on-site sale.
  • The team sets the sale’s location, date and the items to be on sale.
  • The on-site sale targets National Guard and reserve service members, and any authorized personnel can enjoy the sale – and the extra savings.
  • Members get the same price commissary shoppers receive and can reap 30 percent or more in savings compared with civilian grocery store shoppers.

The Status of Forces Agreement

When you spend time in another country as a service member, the SOFA between the United States and your host country protects your legal status as military personnel in another nation. Luckily for active-duty service members, your privilege to shop in military stores is almost always covered under the SOFA.