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Frequently Asked Questions About the Veterans Online Shopping Benefit

Curious about how online shopping benefits for veterans work? Read on to learn about this benefit.

Q1: What is the Veterans Online Shopping Benefit?
A1: Since 2017, authorized veterans have been eligible to shop for discounted goods and services online through the military exchanges.

Q2: Are there any exclusions to veterans purchases?
A2: Yes. Veterans online shopping privileges exclude the purchase of uniforms, alcohol and tobacco products.

Q3: What exchange websites can a veteran shop in?
A3: Eligible veterans can shop at:

Q4: Are customers able to shop online at any exchange or are they limited to their parent service?
A4: Veterans can shop all online exchanges.

Q5: How are veterans verified to enter the exchange websites?
A5: They must complete an online verification to be authorized for this benefit. The exchanges then compare the information with a database of eligible customers.

Q6: What if a veteran can’t be verified, but believes they are eligible?
A6: If they can’t be verified by the exchange website but they believe they are eligible, then they will be provided information on how they can update their records with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Individuals can validate if they are in the DMDC database by visiting the DMDC webpage.

Q7: Is this benefit available to veterans’ families?
A7: The benefit only allows authorized veterans to shop online. It does not include family members.

Q8: Is there any cost or fee for veterans to use this service?
A8: No.

Q9: How can a veteran access the online shopping sites?
A9: They can visit their online exchange to verify eligibility and shop.

Q10: Does the benefit affect retirees or veterans who have been classified as 100% disabled?
A10: No. These veterans retain the same in-store and online privileges they have always had.

Q11: How does this benefit affect members of the reserve force?
A11: It allows all honorably discharged veterans access to shop their military exchanges online.

Q12: How is customer service provided for veterans?
A12: The exchanges provide customer service through their websites as well as by email, chat and phone.

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