Two friends doing pushups

Stay Fit and Have Fun

As a service member, it’s your duty to maintain your fitness. Your physical abilities are routinely tested, so staying in shape is just another part of the job. And staying healthy and fit can also be fun, and a great way to connect with your family, friends and community. Here are some ways to stay in shape and stay social.

Friends can fuel your fitness

Working out with a partner or in a group can really help you reach your fitness goals. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your family too, and help them stay active and healthy. Here are some benefits to working out with a partner or team:

  • Be accountable: Showing up for an early morning workout is easier when you know there’s someone waiting for you. The routine of meeting a friend or a set time for a group practice also helps you maintain consistency in your workouts. Someone has your back, and you’re responsible for theirs.
  • Strengthen camaraderie: Make your friendships, family relationships or military connections stronger by spending active time together.
  • Stay safe: Whether you’re upgrading to a heavier weight class at the gym or going for a hike in the woods, you’re much safer doing so with a partner.
  • Master your motivation: Not only can a workout buddy push you to the next level with encouragement and motivation, but they can also support you and help track your goals along the way. This is especially helpful for long-term ambitions, like marathon training.

Fitness beyond the gym

It’s important to change up your workout routine to stay motivated. There are many ways to get exercise beyond the walls of your installation’s fitness center. Here are ways other service members and their families are changing up their exercise routines.

  • Family time: Take your kids for a walk, teach them how to swim or ride a bike, or dance together in your living room. Doing active chores around the house together also counts, from raking leaves to moving boxes.
  • Join a team: Either on your installation or in your local community, there are likely recreational teams for activities you enjoy. From early morning cycling groups to weekend touch football, join a sport you’ll look forward to. A competitive league can also keep things interesting.
  • Explore your surroundings: Take a walk, jog, bike or swim around your community or installation. With elevation or even a few hills, it can be a great challenge and provide new perspective on your community.

For more information on staying fit with your whole family or finding resources for activity groups on your installation, check out the Military OneSource Health and Wellness Coaching to get started, switch up or enhance your fitness activities.