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Military Health podcasts provide information and tools to improve wellness in the military community. Podcasts were made for the military, but are good for everyone. Find them listed here or anywhere you get podcasts. The podcasts include:

  • Wise Health for Women Warriors — Get to know about the best care for female service members. Listen to experts on women’s health issues. Tackle female readiness. Learn tips for setting up your female service members for success before deployment.
  • Digital Health Ethics — Providers will learn how to relate ethical practice standards to virtual patient visits. Podcast covers telehealth, mobile apps and other forms of digital health.
  • Military Meditation Coach — Strengthen your mind with meditation, mindfulness and relaxation exercises.
  • Next Generation Behavioral Health — Listen to quick 10-minute episodes for tips on using apps and other health technologies to modernize patient care. Get advice on issues such as safety, ethics and patient privacy. Be among the first to learn about emerging technologies.
  • A Better Night’s Sleep — Find ways to improve your sleep from leading experts on sleep disorders. Learn about proven treatments. Tune in to learn about nightmares, insomnia, sleep apnea and more.
  • Living Beyond Pain — Learn ways to manage chronic pain flare-ups with experts from the DOD and the Veteran’s Health Administration.

How this resource helps

These engaging podcasts are aimed at helping you improve your own health.

Image of Wellness Meditation

Military Mindfulness Podcast can help you learn to relax

The Military Mindfulness Podcast provides a variety of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation exercises.

How to access this resource

Links to the Military Health podcasts are available on the Military Health website. The podcasts are available through Soundcloud, iTunesOpens, Stitcher and Spotify.

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