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Military OneSource teaches military spouses how to build and sustain key relationships that lead to jobs. It also directs them to programs such as the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, which includes more than 600 employer partners who have hired over 220,000 military spouses.

Start networking with these groups and events:

Career fairs

Career fairs provide a great way for job seekers to meet with people from several companies in one location. Employers may be recruiting for specific job openings or giving information on future jobs. Look for job fairs exclusively for military spouses. Also, check for college career and networking events for alumni and students that are usually held on campus.

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Use the MSEP Job Search

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership connects you with employers worldwide who offer long-term meaningful employment opportunities.

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Chamber of commerce groups

Chamber of commerce groups hold regional events like mixers, workshops and fundraisers. For example, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation leads the Hiring Our Heroes initiative, which helps veterans and military spouses find work.

Community service groups

Community service groups allow volunteers to staff fundraisers. You may get a chance to interact with hiring authorities. Don’t be afraid to work for free. Volunteering and interning are great ways to get your foot in the door. You can meet people with similar interests and expand your network. And it can be a great learning experience.

Articles for Community Service Groups

Resources, benefits and support services for career connections

It’s important to take advantage of all tools, resources, services and networking connections as you continue to build your career during your time as a military spouse. Share the information you gather with other spouses who may not be aware of the services available to help them on their career path.

Installation Program Directory

Find programs and services at your local installation.