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Whether you’re entering or reentering the workforce, it can seem challenging to take that step into the work world. Work environments and cultures can change quickly. For others, the work world is a complete mystery. Military OneSource helps you confidently prepare to enter or reenter the workplace.

Here you’ll find:

  • Helpful interviewing tips
  • Strategies on writing a winning resume
  • Shortcuts for brushing up on the latest technological advancements employers are using

Use the following steps to become employment ready.

Develop portable talents

For military spouses, mobility is key. Military OneSource provides ideas to stay marketable across positions and occupations. Find tools to help develop talents that you can use anywhere. Explore different portable careers that involve independent contracting positions. These might include consulting, freelancing or self-employment.

And you can even receive up to $1,000 in reimbursement of licensing fees if you PCS. Pursue in-demand positions wherever you land – without breaking the bank.

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Use the Military Spouse Employment Partnership website

The MSEP website lists open positions with more than 600 employers that focus on portable career opportunities for spouses. Some of these partners have facilities across the country and around the world. This makes it easier to continue your career path with the same organization as you PCS to new locations. The advanced search lets you review jobs by installation, company, industry, location, job type and more.

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Update your technology skills

Getting familiar with technology will help ease the transition into the workforce. It will also provide you with marketable skills. Consider signing up for some classes. Many schools, libraries and other organizations offer free or low-cost training on computers and software applications. You can also take specialized courses to obtain certifications for many software applications.

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