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July 14, 20228 Minutes

Federal Voting Assistance Program Trusted Info 2022

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How to Find Trusted Info Before Voting
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This podcast outlines state and federal efforts to make the election process as safe as it can be for the military community and all citizens by combating attempts to mislead voters.

The campaign #TrustedInfo2022 aims to make the election process as safe as it can be, from registration, to voting, to post-election procedures.

In the podcast, host Bruce Moody speaks with Tahesha Way, New Jersey secretary of state and member of the National Association of Secretaries of State, and Scott Wiedmann, principal deputy director for the Federal Voting Assistance Program, about the campaign, which encourages voters to get their voting information from their state and local election officials to ensure they are receiving timely, accurate election updates.

It also provides resources to assist voters and urges the public to help promote the campaign within their networks and communities.


For more information on voting while in the military and finding trusted information before voting, view the following resources:

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